At approximately 5am UTC (midnight US Central time) we will be performing some maintenance on the machine that hosts some of our order infrastructure. While this is happening the customer purchase portal will be unavailable. The work is expected to take approximately 1 hour.

While this is happening some other services may be in a degraded state; in particular will available but logins will be disabled.

This work is expected once-off; we are in the process of rolling out new infrastructure internally that will remove to need for such outages.

Update: This work is complete.

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Steve Smith has worked at Atlassian for over 8 years, both as a sysadmin and a developer. Prior to that he worked on tanks and radars in the Outer Hebrides, telecoms systems in Hong Kong, and in startups in Australia. He now works out of Atlassian's Amsterdam offices, focusing on high-availability, continuous-deployment and platform migration issues.

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