We are looking for the perfect team to partner with us to further grow our product development muscle. The region is home to hundreds of thousands of talented technical people and we would love them to help us solve the challenges of designing and building our world class products.

We are global and we have an expanding international team outside of our Sydney and San Francisco centres. Expanding in Asia will maximize the time overlap with our Sydney product teams as both teams will be closely collaborating on projects.

Photo By: Seb Ruiz – ShipIt 18 Finals

The right fit

We are looking for a kick-ass multi-disciplined team of 15+ engineers, designers, and product managers. We are also open to starting with a smaller team, if they can show that they can recruit, build, and motivate a team of talented engineers.

Atlassian is not your standard company, and we’re not looking for a typical offshore partner. We’re looking for a team that is as passionate about creating awesome products as we are, and one who shares our values and innovative culture.

This is a massive opportunity for a small start up or small established software company looking for an opportunity to expand and grow. The selected partner will experience a similar speed of growth to that of Atlassian.

If you’re keen, here’s the link to find out more. If this sounds like your team then apply now!

About Jean-Michel Lemieux

Jean-Michel Lemieux is the vice president of engineering at Atlassian, an award- winning enterprise software company that helps innovators everywhere plan, build, and launch great software. Jean-Michel leads the team of engineers who invent and write the code that runs more than 100,000 active Atlassian product instances around the world. He's also responsible for the design and operation of the Atlassian OnDemand hosting platform. Atlassian has more than 20,000 customers—including Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, Oracle, Proctor & Gamble, Exxon, BMW and NASA— using its collaboration and software development products to work smarter and deliver faster results. Prior to Atlassian, Jean-Michel served as the chief architect for Rational Team Concert, a division of IBM that focuses on building collaborative development environments. Previously at IBM, he was on the founding teams that invented and built Eclipse (eclipse.org) and the Jazz platform (jazz.net). He's also held leadership and engineering roles at Object Technology, Inc. (acquired by IBM), ObjecTime (acquired by Rational Software), and Hewlett-Packard. In addition, Jean-Michel has been a committer on the Eclipse platform since its inception, and co-authored the Eclipse Rich Client Platform book published by Addison-Wesley in 2005. Jean-Michel has filed two U.S. patents on software configuration management. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Ottawa.

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