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It’s the holiday season and whether you’re the type who relishes giving your family and friends awesome gifts, or the grinch who dreads holiday shopping you’ll appreciate what the Confluence team has wrapped up for you this year. In the spirit of the holiday season here are 12 gifts that are already baked in to your beloved Confluence editor.

While you won’t find a partridge in a pear tree, we’re banking there’s a chance you’ll unwrap at least one new gift that you can secret santa to your co-workers. We hope you enjoy the gifts from your true love, the Confluence team…

1. Page Layouts

Do you want your Confluence page to have columns? A header or a footer? Easy said is easy done with Page Layouts. Layouts are easy to apply and even easier to change. Just switch layouts while editing and your content will adjust on the fly.


2. Drag and Drop

It’s already easy to attach files to Confluence pages by dragging and dropping them into the editor. In Confluence 4.3 we made it just as easy to move images and macros around within a page. With drag and drop simplicity even your most basic users can create engaging content.


3. Autoformatting

Autoformatting is a gift hand-picked for all the wiki markup pros out there. Autoformatting converts the wiki markup you type into the editor to rich text, on the fly. Formatted texts, lists, tables – it all works. We also added support for macros, links and images. So, go ahead and use your favorite markup to insert a macro and watch as Confluence instantly converts it to rich text. You might not get that magician set for Christmas, but at least you have the magic of autoformatting.


4. @mentions

You use it in Facebook and Twitter, so why can’t you use it at work? We took the familiar feature from social networking and made it useful for getting work done. @mentions are a great way to get a co-workers attention on relevant content without having to use email. Try these 3 ways to keep your team connected with @mentions and thank us later for your increased productivity.

5 gold-en rings! Well not quite, but the 3 autocomplete keyboard shortcuts are gold when it comes to saving you time. Autocomplete gives you three simple shortcuts to quickly insert links, documents, images, media, and dynamic macros, into Confluence pages. With these three keys you can take your Confluence pages to new heights, all without having to use your mouse.

6. Autocomplete for Media

7. Autocomplete for Macros

8. Keyboard Shortcuts

We couldn’t get you a brand new car this year, but we did get something to satisfy your need for speed. Keyboard shortcuts let you focus on cranking out work fast, without having to reach for your mouse. Check out our documentation for a list of all the keyboard shortcuts you can use in Confluence. Next year we’ll probably have to get you a new keyboard :).

9. Copy and Paste Images

As if you didn’t have enough options for adding images to your pages, you can also copy and paste them directly into the editor. No matter which way you choose to do it, it’s dead simple to jazz up your pages.


10. Autoconvert

Autoconvert takes the links you paste into the editor – Confluence pages, JIRA issues, YouTube videos, Skitch images, Flickr photo streams, Vimeo videos, and Google maps – and transforms them into rich content, instantly.


11. Image Effects

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in Confluence you can make your pictures even more valuable with Image effects. You might not be a photoshop pro, but at least you can fake it with 5 beautiful effects to bring your images to life. Just insert your image and see which effect works best.


12. Create JIRA Issues

This gift is for our loyal JIRA users out there. It’s easy to link content created in Confluence to actionable JIRA issues without ever having to leave the editor. Now your Marketing or Sales team that swears by Confluence can work with your IT or Development team that lives in JIRA. You can also easily link back to JIRA issues that are embedded in your Confluence pages using autoconvert magic. Now everyone is happy!

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