Is your software team baller? Does your dev team work with the most enviable tools, technologies, and processes? Are you Agile ninjas that deploy to your customers like it’s nobody’s business? Or are you stuck in the Dark Ages with antiquated tools, production malfunctions and less than enviable team dynamics?

Atlassian wants to know!

To prepare for Summit 2013, our fifth annual user conference poised to be our biggest and best yet, we want to hear from you about what makes your team badass – or not. Held in San Francisco from October 1st-3rd, our conference features talks and panels with speakers from companies such as Virgin Media, HubSpot, Orbitz, Pandora, Turner Broadcasting, Twitter and NASA, to name a few, that focus on different aspects of what makes a team great. We want your feedback to inform their discussions, and to make sure they touch on the issues that matter most to YOU and YOUR team.

How Badass is Your Team? 

What kind of a team player are you?

Olympian deities

In the spirit of our upcoming Summit SmackDown game (check the website for more details in the coming weeks), find out which Olympian deity best represents the kind of a team player you are: Zeus? Athena? Hephaestus? Take our five-minute survey to find out!

Note:  All information will remain confidential and your survey results will remain anonymous. Results will be used for Atlassian Summit panel discussions and marketing materials associated with the event.

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