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Hopefully by now you’ve gotten your hands on the shiny new JIRA Service Desk and your IT team is flying through internal service requests like never before. Well there’s more good news. What if I told you that you could make your IT team’s lives even better? You can. Connect your JIRA Service Desk to the knowledge base in Confluence, and provide customers with the answers before they ever raise a request. It’s complete self-service for your customers – no wait, no work, no worries.

Help customers help themselves

Recommend existing knowledge articles from Confluence

Once you have your knowledge base connected, customers will automatically see recommended solutions as they type their requests into JIRA Service Desk.


View knowledge articles in JIRA Service Desk

Once they find a relevant solution, they can read it right from JIRA Service Desk. The process is fast and intuitive for customers, and deflects common requests before they are even submitted.


Easy set-up

Create a new knowledge base

In Confluence you can get a new knowledge base set-up in a matter of seconds.


We provide the basic structure, which you can customize to fit your teams specific needs.


Standardize knowledge articles with bundled blueprints

Your team’s first priority is making sure that your office’s important systems run smoothly, not creating knowledge articles. In Confluence creating knowledge articles is dead simple. We bundled best practices for documenting common solutions with the how-to and troubleshooting article blueprints.


Structured blueprints not only help standardize knowledge articles across your company, they also make it easy for support engineers to contribute their knowledge.


Connect your knowledge base to your service desk

Connecting your knowledge base in Confluence to your JIRA Service Desk is easy. Once you have set-up your application link, add a knowledge base from the ‘Knowledge Base’ tab. If you already have a space in Confluence dedicated to storing knowledge you can use it as your knowledge base, or you can set up a new one. We make it easy to manage on the back-end, so your customers are satisfied on the front-end.


Turn your JIRA Service Desk into a self-service desk today!

Own JIRA Service Desk and Confluence?

Connect your knowledge base in Confluence (requires Confluence 5.3) to your JIRA Service Desk and start letting your customers help themselves.

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Own JIRA Service Desk but no Confluence?

Start a free trial of Confluence today and see the difference self-service can make on your IT team’s performance.

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