Based in the North Pole, Santa Claus Ltd. (SCL) is the leading provider of consumer goods on the world’s second-most celebrated holiday, Christmas. SCL delivers presents to every child in the world between the hours of 9pm on Christmas Eve and 5am Christmas morning, in 24 time zones.

Santa Claus Ltd.

Headquartered: The North Pole 
Founded: 1,000+ years

Case study



Santa Claus Ltd. is world renowned for its reliable roof-to-door delivery services. Each year, SCL manufactures, processes, and delivers millions of presents across all seven continents. But as present production got increasingly more complicated, Santa’s IT team became bogged down with complex requests. This past year, they switched to JIRA Service Desk to help them better manage their internal service desk operations.

We interviewed head IT manager Jeff Elf about the change and got the inside scoop on how the North Pole uses JIRA Service Desk to make Christmas present delivery look like magic.

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