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Archives for Adam Ahmed

Nested BackboneJS Models with Brace

We're big fans of Backbone here at Atlassian. It's already used in the majority of our products, and its uptake within the company is increasing. Backbone is unopinionated by design. It tries hard not to get in the way of any competing libraries and frameworks you might be using, or any coding conventions you practice. This means that, out of the box, Backbone has some shortcomings, waiting for you to custom-tailor to your own purposes. And the open-source community doesn't disappoint. There

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MEAT: One tribe’s quest for meeting room transparency

September, 2010 – The Australian spring was just beginning and a cool breeze was in the air. The cockatoos were singing their song and the wallabies bouncing playfully. Atlassians were frolicking in the grass and a group of us - Stephen Russell, Martin Jopson, Rob Smart and myself - were on the hunt for a meeting room. We had  forgotten to book a room ahead of time, and so we needed to find an empty one at the last moment. But disaster struck. The halls seemed endless as we prowled in search

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Commit Graph – How we use it

After months of blood, sweat and tears from us on the FishEye team, today we're releasing the Commit Graph. I'm proud of what we've achieved: now developers can use FishEye to visualize their repository to see the bigger picture about how their changes interact with everyone else's. It's worth experimenting for yourself, but the graph has made us more productive already. I thought I would share with you some of the ways we've already started using it on the FishEye team. Under Review We've

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Being careful with Maven’s SCM attribute

A few days ago I tried to cut my first [JIRA Studio][] release. The process is fairly straight forward, run these two commands and you're done: mvn release:prepare mvn release:perform During the prepare process, Maven will copy your code into a new tag named after the version number you've told it to release. I ran the preparation and it appeared to run fine, so I tried running the perform step. For some reason, Maven was ignoring the version number I had given it, and was trying to deploy

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