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(Guest Blog) Why Write a JIRA Book?

This is a guest post by Matt Doar of CustomWare. He has written two books about JIRA. One of which, Practical JIRA Administration, is up to date with all of the latest JIRA 5 goodness. As we all know, JIRA is extremely flexible. You have the option of customizing pretty much everything. However, learning how to take advantage of JIRA's adaptability can be tough for new users. All of the Atlassian tools including JIRA have excellent documentation online, but much of it is very specific to the purpose

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88 Reasons For JIRA

This is a guest post by Martin Seibert. He is the CEO of a German internet agency called //SEIBERT/MEDIA, a specialist in JIRA and corporate communication. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of Atlassian’s official partners in Germany and an Atlassian Platinum Expert. This blog post is also available in German at 88 Reasons for JIRA For quite some time now, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has been using JIRA for both internal and external project management as well as software development.

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Self-Updating Universal Plugin Manager

Anyone who has used the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) in JIRA will attest to its ability to simplify the process of monitoring, installing, and upgrading plugins. It alerts you when there are new versions of your plugins, and, most importantly, it downloads and installs the plugins for you - no JIRA restart necessary. The process really couldn't be simpler. However, the UPM couldn't do all those things to itself. Until now. New UPM Hotness In the new Universal Plugin Manager (versions 1.6+), it

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Mobile App Bug Tracking with JIRA

Developing mobile applications is a tricky task. Even in the closed iOS market, there are many different devices and countless versions of the operating system. Making sure your app runs smoothly on everyone's device can be next to impossible without a massive testing team. Apps that crash, or don't function as they should, are certain to receive poor reviews in the App Store. Luckily, JIRA Mobile Connect is here to help. Communicate With Your Users Mobile Connect allows you to gather a user's

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You Can Do That! Part 3 of 3

Finally, unlike traditional wiki software, Confluence gives you the tools to create an identity in the workplace and form networks with coworkers. Confluence's personal pages let you see who you are working with and learn about their interests on the job and what they do in their free time. This fosters stronger communities and can help team members collaborate more effectively as they get to know each other. This last video quickly illustrates some of the ways you can customize your personal page.

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You Can Do That! Part 2 of 3

Another cool thing about Confluence is its extendability through third-party plugins. Confluence is open to the developer community allowing anyone to build applications on top of the basic platform. Now Confluence has the Plugin Exchange to help developers connect to customers who might find their code useful. The site provides a range of free and paid plugins in one location where customers can evaluate each plugin and check for updates. Here is another video that features some of the plugins available

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