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Upgrade Tasks

TL;DR: never change the functionality of upgrade tasks that have been released - create new fixer tasks instead. Keep your upgrade tasks independent of other services. From time to time we get bugs in our products that are caused by changes to upgrade tasks. In general, changing the functionality of upgrade tasks is a bad idea. A year-old example OnDemand uses a suite of plugins on top of our regular on-premises applications to provide the integration between the apps. Two of the services provided

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Lately I've been catching the train home a lot, and I was getting sick of walking to the station because I think it's too far away. I've learnt of a shortcut which I've found to be much faster (about 5 minutes) as it cuts out on traffic lights and the distance you have to travel. Original Route Shortcut Route The shortcut goes past the Shelbourne Hotel, across Kent St (which has a lot of breaks in traffic), and through an underground arcade directly to the middle of the station. A Shorter Shortcut I

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