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Atlassian Hack House is Back!

As part of our unique on-boarding program, we're sending our new Sydney-based graduate hires to an upscale apartment in the city's hip Surry Hills neighborhood. Similar to last year, the grads will spend a week receiving training and mentorship from our top engineers, begin working on some of our products and build products to be sold in the Atlassian Marketplace. The grads will also be tasked with completing their first ShipIt Day, our renowned quarterly innovation event, and presenting their

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JIRA Real Life

Here at Atlassian we like to do things a little differently. Our HR initiatives are no exception. From ShipIt Days to European Recruitment Roadshows and Hack Houses on the shore, we're not afraid to try some pretty crazy ideas to "be the change we seek!" A few months back we were dealing with implications of the new Australian Work, Health and Safety Laws (WHS) that took effect earlier this year. One problem we wanted to tackle in particular was finding a way to empower staff to be more pro-active

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Hiring Graduates across the globe

We're fast approaching our 9th anniversary, and we're looking for bright young minds to join us and shape the future of software development. We are looking for the best final year university students or graduates, and have an irresistible new Graduate program to attract you!   From day one, graduates will be working on projects that will be shipped to millions of! Don't believe me? Hear what our interns and former graduates have to say!   By the way, if

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