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Maintaining company culture as your agile teams scale

Establishing a unified culture with a small team can be easy. But as an organization grows, maintaining that same agile culture gets more and more challenging. Teams can become siloed, and the shared company vision, norms, systems, and habits are more difficult to preserve. So what lessons can we impart about keeping your culture intact as your agile teams scale?

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Get to know the new HipChat

Starting today, we'll be rolling out a HipChat that looks a whole lot different. At first you'll notice it's lighter and cleaner, but there's a lot more going on (and sets us up for more big changes to come). We're starting with the Mac app first; then we'll roll out the changes to the rest of the apps. HipChat for Mac 3.0 Over the past few years, the Atlassian design team created the Atlassian Design Guidelines. ADG is a public guide of the best practices when designing Atlassian products,

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HipChat video and screen sharing are here

HipChat 1-to-1 video chat and screen sharing have arrived. Start a video chat and share your screen with anyone on your team. Here's what we've got waiting for you in our latest release: Start and receive 1-to-1 video or audio calls Share your screen with co-workers A sweet new logo Please note: If you're currently using HipChat under our Free for 5 plan, you'll be able to try video and screen sharing free for 30 days. After that, you'll need to upgrade to a paid account to keep using

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HipChat 1-to-1 video and screen sharing: Now in beta

HipChat 1-to-1 video and screen sharing are now available as beta features. Try it out and let us know what you think. Communicating easily is key to any team's success. You already have HipChat open to chat with your team, whenever and wherever you want. Now, with 1-to-1 video and screen sharing on HipChat, you'll no longer need to switch apps or wait for your colleagues to log on in order to talk to them face-to-face. Everything is ready within HipChat. This beta feature is available

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How using HipChat helps build our company culture

Your company's culture plays a huge role in attracting and retaining talent, fostering community and relationships, and dictating overall company direction. Inc. magazine even has a whole section devoted to it. So given how much importance is placed on company culture, why would you risk not having a strong one? The first step towards a strong culture is good communication, so we thought we'd share how chat helps build the company culture at Atlassian. Open company, no bullshit The less friction

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