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I don't really know what Atlassian looks like from the outside, but from the inside, it feels like a rocket - whooshing forward day-by-day to the great unknown. I've been here for nearly four years now, and it still feels exactly the same. Each day a huge burst of incredible energy and excitement and challenge and opportunity. In 2002, Enron collapsed, US president W. declared a new "axis of evil," the top search terms in Google were "spiderman" and "shakira," (oddly, two popular terms in

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Starter Day is a celebration of building great companies. We've assembled founders and executives from six kick-ass technology companies - Redfin, Boxee, Pandora, Hubspot, Scoutlabs and Aardvark - all customers of ours, to share their experiences around what it takes to make it. Each of these companies is in a different stage of growth, and they each have something unique to share.

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