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I don't really know what Atlassian looks like from the outside, but from the inside, it feels like a rocket - whooshing forward day-by-day to the great unknown. I've been here for nearly four years now, and it still feels exactly the same. Each day a huge burst of incredible energy and excitement and challenge and opportunity. In 2002, Enron collapsed, US president W. declared a new "axis of evil," the top search terms in Google were "spiderman" and "shakira," (oddly, two popular terms in

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Starter Day is a celebration of building great companies. We've assembled founders and executives from six kick-ass technology companies - Redfin, Boxee, Pandora, Hubspot, Scoutlabs and Aardvark - all customers of ours, to share their experiences around what it takes to make it. Each of these companies is in a different stage of growth, and they each have something unique to share.

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Fourwalls has gone rogue

The Interwebs has responded positively to yesterday's announcement about our newest product release - fourwalls. We even stumbled across a Hitler's Bunker parody video about the application, and wanted to include it here for other fans of fourwalls. Twitter has been awfully chatty about fourwalls as well. Our personal favorite really captures the potential of fourwalls to help developers boldly go where no developer has gone before. Or just boldy go.

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