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Archives for John Sloat

JIRA 4.3 Deep Dive – Administrative Improvements

With the release of JIRA 4.3, we introduced new search improvements, even tighter integration with Confluence for linking wiki content to your issues in JIRA, and a centralized user management infrastructure. This final post in the series will dive into the JIRA improvements designed specifically to make Administrators' lives easier in JIRA. In-place database upgrades JIRA 4.3 now officially supports 'in-place database upgrades', when upgrading from JIRA 4.0.0 or later. This method requires

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JIRA 4.3 Deep Dive – Confluence Integration

With the recent releases of JIRA 4.3, Atlassian's bug and issue tracker, and Confluence 3.5, Atlassian's wiki and collaboration tool, we introduced a game changing feature called Application Links. What does it do? It makes it incredibly easy to connect your Atlassian applications together. Why would you want to do that? Connecting JIRA to Confluence via Application Links gives you some killer integration features between the two applications. Bringing JIRA and Confluence Closer Together My work

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JIRA 4.3 Deep Dive – Search Improvements

Last week's release of JIRA 4.3 included a bunch of additions and improvements to search that make it faster and easier to find what you're looking for. JQL Improvements JIRA 4.3 brings lots of new functionality to JIRA Query Language (JQL). Search change history This release introduces a new operator to JQL: "was". The "was" operator is unique, as it's the only JQL operator that lets you explore an issue's past. Using JIRA's default workflow as an example, let's say you want to find all issues

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Plugin Profile: Drag and drop JIRA attachments

One of my favorite features in Confluence is the ability to drag and drop attachments onto the page. It just feels natural after years of dragging and dropping on the desktop - not to mention the time saved by the process. Drag and drop in JIRA There's no native support for dragging and dropping attachments in JIRA, but luckily, Atlassian's own Wojciech Seliga and Pawel Niewiadomskihas have written a plugin to remedy that.   Just drag and drop your files onto the "drop zone" to attach

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Integrate Perforce with JIRA

This is a guest post written by Randy DeFauw. Randy is a technical marketing manager at Perforce. He has over 10 years of experience in software configuration management using a variety of products and SEI/CMMI Level 5 software engineering practices. Over at Perforce HQ, we're always looking for new and better ways to integrate Perforce with the tools that our users know and love. We're proud to announce our release of a robust integration between Perforce and JIRA (4.1 and later), in the

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