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Introducing JIRA Enterprise

Along with the launch of JIRA 5, I'm proud to announce JIRA Enterprise - tailored to the needs of our largest, most successful JIRA customers.  But before I do - let me share how the software industry has evolved. Every company is a software company It's an exciting time to be in the software industry. We interact with technology companies like Twitter, Facebook, Apple, ebay and Skype on a daily basis, in a way that we couldn't even conceive as recently as 10 years ago. But there is a broader

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When caching is not caching

Back in July last year (how time flies), I investigated how we could use caching in our products to improve the user experience. This resulting in creating a framework for serving content that can be cached on the client. We now use this for JIRA, Confluence and Bamboo. The idea is that some resources (css, images, javascript), never change between releases, and so we add 'caching headers' to say cache it forever. You can see how we have achieved that by using on the online services: Test caching

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Mind blowing support from Contegix

I was going to write a long post about how fantastic Contegix is for java hosting, but I think that this email exchange pretty much says it all: On Apr 22, 2006, at 12:09 AM, wrote: Charles: After multiple attempts to restart the system for the past 1 hour, 18 minutes, we are unable to keep the system alive. Within minutes of the site starting, it begins to throw OOMEs. I have attempted to contact someone via phone at all none numbers, including office

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Finally – a direct link to download the JDK!

Firstly - if you distribute server-side Java applications, then this URL will make your life a lot easier: If that doesn't mean anything to you, read on... As most Java programmers are aware, there are two distributions of Java from Sun. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and the Java Development Kit (JDK). The first one allows you to run Java programs, and the second also allows you to run programs, but also contains (amongst other things), tools

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Preview Documentation available for JIRA 2.1

In a bizarre twist of fate, we have managed to release a beta version of our documentation before our beta version of JIRA 2.1. Jeff, (our documentation guy and current maintainer of the Apache Forrest project, and all round top bloke), has been hard at work converting our docs to Forrest format, and adding in fresh content. Please note that these docs are still beta, but will be completed before the 2.1 release. You can find the new docs here: "": h3.

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