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Archives for Sara Yin

Doing agile right at Starz Entertainment

Today we’re excited to present a new customer story with Starz Entertainment, the global media and entertainment powerhouse behind hit TV shows like Spartacus and Magic City. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Starz Entertainment has been evolving since 1991 to meet the demands of an "anytime, anywhere" audience. To overcome this challenge, Starz has been moving towards a leaner, more agile software development process. Engineering and business teams at Starz use JIRA as the single source of

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How to integrate JIRA and Oracle’s Siebel (guest post)

This guest post comes courtesy of Dewayne Lavelle, a Quality Engineer. He administers a diverse set of tools, including a JIRA server with over 500 users. His company uses JIRA, Confluence and Fisheye for everyday development, planning, scheduling, etc.   When asked why JIRA is important to us, our Transportation Technical lead said, “We get a full featured issue and defect tracker that is integrated through all parts of our development life cycle. We use it to track everything including

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Casting call for customers who are advancing humanity

Why do we build products? At Atlassian, we frequently hear stories of customers who are building amazing, life-changing products that advance humanity. As a company, its incredibly humbling, and inspiring, to learn that we've played a small part of a greater cause. Why do you build products? What's your company mission? Are you, like us, balancing the needs of a profitable business with a higher purpose of building great products that are making the world a better place? Be part of our story!

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How Netflix scaled its API

When you think of scale, you usually think of adding more servers. But at Netflix, a "cloud-native" company fully hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), you won't find a huge datacenter in the background. That's nothing to sneeze at when you consider that the video streaming provider accounts for 33 percent of all Internet traffic in North America during peak hours. Having a robust API program was paramount to Netflix's ascension. With requests coming in from thousands of supported devices in

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#Shipit23 #SF

"Why did I sign up for this?" It's the question every participant in ShipIt Day inevitably asks him or herself at the 22nd hour of the 24-hour hackathon (typically when the Red Bull high has worn off, the last build just broke, and the fear of presenting in front of the entire office has set in). ShipIt Day — formerly known as FedEx Day  — is a quarterly tradition where Atlassians get to break away from their day-to-day jobs and spend 24 hours building out a idea that improves

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“Wooster Bot, What’s for Lunch Today?”

A few weeks ago, a couple videographers and I flew out to Boston to check out HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company, and one of HipChat’s earliest (read: pre-Atlassian-acquisition) customers. To put that into context, HubSpot began using HipChat when it looked more like this. Walking into HubSpot for the first time, we felt at home. Oddly. Atlassian and Hubspot have little in common -- they make marketing analytics tools, we make development tools -- and we’re located on opposite

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