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Make Growth Easy: Why People Choose JIRA 6

JIRA is used by nearly 20,000 teams, spanning 115 countries around the globe. Why do so many companies choose JIRA? Because it lets their teams plan more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and get work done faster. To understand how JIRA makes collaboration easy, let's start with why collaboration gets difficult. Growth makes things complicated! Growth is a good thing; it enables ideas to foster and come to market. Growth also makes things tough because culture and processes don't always

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GreenHopper Tip of the Month: Organize with Epics

The Tip of the Month, brought to you by Atlassian University, is a monthly series to help master Atlassian tools. Products are more fun to use when you know all the tricks.   Epics, which were introduced in GreenHopper 6.1, are a group of related user stories and usually capture a large body of work or a big project.  For example, the University team currently has an epic for all work related to an upcoming homepage redesign.  We had an epic for all work related to our better, faster,

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What are people saying about GreenHopper 6.2?

For a week now product owners everywhere have been taking advantage of all the exciting new reporting features in GreenHopper 6.2. Not only can you track progress toward large feature work spanning multiple sprints, but you'll gain confidence over release dates and broadcast details to everyone on the team with your JIRA dashboard. What's the word on the street?   Hey @greenhopperteam, version report from a live @unbounce project with notes. So useful, thx! #agile… —

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How to Manage a Product Backlog with Ease

Update: Part 2 and part 3 are now online! Product owners have the challenging task of ingesting feedback from multiple sources, organizing it into a meaningful format, and communicating out to the product teams.  Feedback is a critical part of the product life cycle.  We can't iterate to make our products better without it, as we talked about in our three-part series on collecting feedback a few weeks ago. But what do we do when we get too much feedback?  Backlogs quickly become unmanageable. 

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Keep your Product Owner happy with GreenHopper 6.2

We're very excited today to announce the availability of GreenHopper 6.2! We've satisfied a whopping 850 votes with this release, and no matter how long you've been using JIRA & GreenHopper, you'll find some exciting stuff in all the reporting goodness of GreenHopper 6.2: New Epic Report - track progress toward larger feature work spanning multiple sprints New Version Report - projected completion dates calculated per-day based on historical velocity, giving you confidence as you get close

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Guest Blog: Monitoring Your Teams Estimation Skills

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Yves Riel acts as a Scrum Coach to help teams learn the Scrum methodology. Yves has actively been using JIRA and GreenHopper since 2009. He built Rekall for JIRA to help agile teams improve their estimates. Every year, I try to make an appointment with my doctor for an annual check-up. Invariably, I walk out of his office with a blood tests form in my hand. These tests are what helps my doctor notice illnesses like high cholesterol or diabetes. About two years ago, I began to suspect my agile team

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