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Introducing the Websphere Add-on for Bamboo

We are thrilled about the first deployments add-on for Bamboo 5! Made Mastika, a developer at GLiNTECH (an Atlassian Expert in Sydney), is here to tell you all about it. While Made likes to spend his free time away from development, a keen interest in things like Data Mining and JavaScript means he never gets away too far. When you’re a developer ‘out in the field’ and working with all kinds of different people, businesses and disparate systems, you often spot little opportunities outside

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RebelLabs cooks up a continuous delivery pipeline with Bamboo

The mad-scientists-turned-provocateurs over at RebelLabs have released yet another stellar (and entertaining) report for software makers, Release Management for Enterprises. I find this exciting enough to blog about for two reasons: First, their take on what DevOps means for both individuals and the larger organization, as well as how the two disciplines drifted apart in the first place, is spot on. It's not about $1M tools or forming a separate team (though I do like their idea of forming a

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Open Dojo #3 – Application monitoring (live from PuppetConf!)

It's that time again... another DevOps-themed hangout is a-brewin'. Just for fun, we'll be coming to you live from PuppetConf in San Francisco! Our topic for August is application monitoring. We'll discuss why it's a good engineering practice and trade war stories about how it saved our SaaS, of course. But we'll also dig in deeper and talk about how monitoring can be used as a tool (in the figurative sense) for bridging the gap between dev and ops. As always, no slide decks or sales pitches

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Jump through changesets and reviews with j/k keyboard shortcuts

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We like to ship big things, but sometimes great things come out of tiny features. That's how I feel about the review navigation shortcuts – with only 2 keys you can jump through all the files, diffs and comments of your changesets and reviews. Choosing the content to navigate In FishEye, the j and k shortcuts automatically cycle through diffs and files; in Crucible reviews, you can fine tune your navigation using the drop down menu next to Prefs to control what items are cycled:   Moving

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Automated Deploys: How to Convince Your Boss

Ok, so we did chat about other topics related to deploy automation at the Open Dojo hangout last Thursday. But making the business case for investing in automation took center stage, with all four panelists weighing in (some of them more than once!). If you missed the live broadcast, you can check out the recording here or on YouTube. Fire it up and kick back with your lunch or some pretzels & beer! ps: Look for the next Open Dojo coming up in August. We'll be geeking out about infrastructure

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Top 5 Plugins to Supercharge Atlassian Bamboo

Today we have a guest post from Himanshu Chhetri, a developer at Addteq (an Atlassian Expert) who works with the Configuration Management and Atlassian Solutions delivery teams. In his free time he likes to keep up to date with the latest open source projects and the devops movement. At Addteq, we have a growing list of projects that we automate using Bamboo including our website deployments,  mobile apps, J2EE project builds and others.  We're very excited about the latest iteration of Bamboo

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