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Coming July 18th! Open Dojo #2 – DevOps & Automated Deploys

The DevOps Dojo is BACK! We had such a blast at our first Open Dojo that we had to do it again.  Join us on Thursday July 18th at 2pm Pacific as we jam on the subject of automated deployments: why teams do them, what it all looks like under the hood, and how they fit into the whole DevOps mindset. (Tip for East coasters: this happy-hour hangout pairs well with beer, snacks and feet propped up on the desk.) Once again, no slide decks or sales pitches allowed. Just nerd-on-nerd conversation.

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Bamboo 5 is Almost Here

We've been talking a lot in the past 6 weeks about how excellent tooling can compliment excellent on-the-ground processes, with a special eye toward the approach known as DevOps. For those just tuning in, DevOps is a shorthand way of saying "Hey, y'know how Agile brings product management, dev & QA together, and emphasizes automation? Wouldn't it be awesome if we invited ops and IT to the party too?" And it is pretty awesome. That's why so many teams are interested in the cultural and technical

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Releasing the DevOps Way pt. 2: Deployment Bottlenecks

Welcome back to our mini-series on managing releases "the DevOps way". Before we dive into the meat of today's topic, allow me to explain why I'm ascribing the DevOps moniker to these ideas. DevOps is an approach to building high-quality, rapidly-delivered software in a way that isn't painful. DevOps is not a tool. DevOps is not a team. It's a philosophy, and is best summed up by the CAMS acronym: Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing. Last week's post about cross-team collaboration at

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Releasing the DevOps Way pt. 1: Team Communication

Humans have been making software for a surprisingly long time: from the proto-software devised to decrypt Enigma-encoded transmissions in the 1940s, to the read-only program controlling the decent of Apollo lunar modules, to the dizzying array of apps we carry in our pockets and purses today. But throughout the computer-age revolution, one thing that hasn't changed is the need to deliver software so it can be put into use. Today, this means updating your production environment, and/or making an

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DevOps & Distributed Teams

Soon after joining Atlassian about 18 months ago, it was clear that this is a DevOps-minded crew. Not that there's any coordinated effort around this. It's simply a group of people dedicated to continuously improving the ways we work in our respective expertise, and the ways we work together across teams. Last month, we launched the DevOps Dojo - a website sharing our thoughts on the cultural and technical aspects of adopting the DevOps way of developing software. We're far from having it all

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I believe that Simplify is the shortest blog post title we've done to date. I couldn't think of anything better to announce that we're going to simplify our product portfolio naming. In the coming months, we will be changing the names and logos of some of our add-on products with two goals in mind: Make it simple for customers to understand our product list at-a-glance. Make it easy for customers to distinguish stand-alone products from Atlassian add-ons. What exactly is changing? The

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