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Atlassian has been helping hundreds of game developers produce the top games of the day for years now. It seems like just yesterday when we had Steve Weibe, of 'The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters' fame, at our GDC booth trying to best his Donkey Kong world record. Alas, that was years ago, and so many games have been developed since then utilizing our tools. This is a guest blog post by Gareth Wilson from Adaptavist who are an Atlassian Platinum Expert. Adaptavist provide services and

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Video: Confluence Dashboards Plugin

Today we held a webinar with Adaptavist on the Confluence Dashboards plugin. The Confluence Dashboards plugin makes the perfect dashboard or landing page for your Confluence wiki. It allows you to aggregate all of the key information on a personalized, customizable page. Whether it be RSS feeds, wiki pages, macros or OpenSocial Gadgets, they can all be added to the page, which you can arrange however you want. Learn how to save yourself time and effort in finding and keeping up with the important

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