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Update 22 Feb 2012: Apple have now extended the deadline to June 1st. Hopefully they’re realising the difficulties they’re creating for developers and will address some of the remaining concerns in this time. On March 1st, Apple will change the rules of the Mac App Store to require all applications to run inside of a 'sandbox'. Unfortunately, this will disallow important SourceTree functionality that was previously acceptable under store rules. Complying with the sandboxing rules would

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Not Your Regular iPad Giveaway

We wanted to do something different. Instead of giving away a single lust worthy gadget, we're giving away 5. How do you win?Just share the Confluence features you love the most. In return we're giving away one cool gadget every day. Fair trade, right? Day 1 was Boxee Box and a TV, Day 2 was an Xbox 360, Kinect, and a Wifi Kindle. Yesterday it was an iPad 2.

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Did you Get Your Wiki On yesterday? 6 more winners on Day 2

On Day 2 of Get Your Wiki On we upped the ante with a potpourri of gadgets up for grabs - an Xbox 360, Xbox Kinect, and a WiFi Kindle. Today we'll share the lucky winner of this awesome bundle of gadgets, reveal 5 new proud owners of Atlassian's limited edition Angry Nerds t-shirt, and let you know what's up for grabs today.

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