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The Evolution of Plugins for the Cloud

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When I first heard about Atlassian some years ago, one description kept coming up–"the power of Atlassian applications is that you can make them do whatever you want”. Enterprise software normally comes with a lot of constraints–it's costly, it has a strictly defined set of features, the APIs may be limited or non-existent, and integration is often a matter of expensive experts with special tools and knowledge of each system. The importance of open At Atlassian we do things differently–we're

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Last Chance for Epic Geeking Out

AtlasCamp 2011 is just a couple weeks away. Whether you're trying to improve productivity at your company or you want to share your invention with the world, AtlasCamp is the best place to pimp your plugin. Mingle with our developer ecosystem, meet folks who have built successful businesses with their plugins, and get one on one advice from over 30 Atlassian developers. Not to mention that awesome jam-packed agenda and a notoriously fun party! All of this combined explains why - we're not kidding

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