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Win swag from AtlassianSwag, the swankiest swag store on the Internet

"Someone told me that Atlassian is really a t-shirt company disguised by selling software." - a customer tweet It's true. In 10 years in business, we've printed over 400 t-shirt designs, a few of which have become cult classics. No one ever comments when I wear my Armani shirt, but every time I'm sporting an Angry Nerds t-shirt, someone asks me where I got it from. Finally, after years of fooling the public that we were just a tech company, the disguise is coming off. Introducing... New

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T-shirt Madness

Atlassian is selling what?! Yup, t-shirts and more. T-shirts, mugs, post-it cubes... they're all Atlassian-branded and they're all for sale. Where? At the Atlassian Goods storefront. Don't worry, we are still happily handing out a complimentary t-shirt when you purchase one of our enterprise licenses. Customers and non-customers really seem to like our shirts and we frequently get requests from customers to send them an extra one or two... or twenty. That's why we set out to create a storefront where

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