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Video: Zephyr & JIRA for Test Management

Today we hosted a webinar with Zephyr on using JIRA for Test Management. Zephyr and its optimized, true 2-way integration with JIRA provides teams with more testing time. There may never be enough testing time, but Zephyr and JIRA are providing teams with close to 100 more hours of testing time per ten person team. With Zephyr and JIRA, testers will be able to do everything they need to do with JIRA from within Zephyr; submit, search, assign, modify, etc. Testers no longer

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Video: Distributed Parallel Development with JIRA and Plastic SCM

Today we hosted a webinar with Codice Software. Modern version control systems are all about branching and merging but with a clear purpose in mind: develop in parallel. If your underlying SCM is powerful enough (Git, Plastic SCM) then you can even go further and associate every issue or new functionality in JIRA with a branch, so you're able to perfectly isolate changes. Discover how to implement the branch-per-task cycle and then how to move it to a distributed environment. See the recording

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Video: JIRA Extended for Project Management

Today we held a webinar on a tool which extends JIRA for Project Management. Onepoint's JIRA Connector extends JIRA's project management capabilities by integrating them into a complete, but still easy-to-use enterprise project management solution. By combining the strengths of JIRA's dynamic agile task management environment with Onepoint's built-in resource management and project controlling & reporting capabilities, you can seamlessly integrate JIRA-based product backlogs

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Video: Clustering JIRA

We produced a webinar on Scarlet by Sourcesense, an open source systems integrator. Scarlet is a special edition of JIRA created to meet the demanding needs of customers Sourcesense has met as an Atlassian partner, sometimes in need to handle millions of issues, often requiring failover, all of them wanting top performance at low costs. Scarlet provides an enhanced service while it's as easy to install as any other JIRA instance. In this webinar, you will learn about the new

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Video: Designing Complex JIRA Workflows

Yesterday we hosted a webinar which focused on complex JIRA workflows. Solid process design is an important part of any software development project. Communicating your processes builds client confidence and provides clarity around scope and issue timeframes. This webinar covered process design and implementation using JIRA's powerful Workflow editor. Jason Imms, Insight4's Quality Assurance Team Leader, presented his JIRA workflows which ensure a high level quality of software

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Video: Confluence for Knowledge Management, Great Wiki Adoption Tips

Charles River Analytics ( is a small research & development company delivering innovative solutions through intelligent systems. In the video below, Brad Rosenberg, Charles River Senior Scientist and wiki evangelist, shares 1) how his company uses Confluence for knowledge management and team project collaboration, and 2) how a small group fosters wiki adoption, engagement and support. Brad did a great job of showing how his company helps new employees get familiar

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