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Video: Connecting JIRA to MS Project

Ceptah Bridge links MS Project with JIRA and provides bi-directional synchronisation between the systems. It streamlines the project management process by making Microsoft Project tasks available to JIRA users for browsing, modifying and reporting progress. A rich interface gives the user full control over the changes made during the synchronisation. Sergey Gussak from Ceptah Solutions gives a great presentation and demo of Ceptah Bridge in action. There is also a Q&A session at the

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Video: OneLogin and one-click access to your apps

Yesterday we hosted a webinar with OneLogin which gives you one-click access to your Atlassian apps (among others). In this webinar, Thomas Pedersen, CEO and co-founder of OneLogin, demonstrated how their integration can give you one-click access to all your web apps, both cloud-based and behind the firewall. We learned how you can configure shared logins, directory integration, two-factor authentication as well as integration with in-house applications. OneLogin currently integrates with over 500

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Video: RefinedWiki Original Theme for Confluence

Today we held an excellent webinar with RefinedWiki, Atlassian partner and Bronze sponsor of Atlassian Summit 2010. RefinedWiki Original Theme is a plugin for Confluence that provides a whole new interface for the wiki. It increases the usability of Confluence with improved navigation and features which allows customized dashboards and space layouts with wiki markup. Content can also be added into categories and subcategories for ease of navigation. RefinedWiki has made numerous appearances on our

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Video: Tempo Plugin for JIRA

The Tempo Plugin for JIRA supports billing and salary administration tasks with sophisticated time-tracking and cost reporting capabilities. The Tempo plug-in creates solutions for any project by allowing staff to register the full spectrum of their tasks and billable hours through a single web-based interface. This month's Plugin of the Month webinar featured Petur Agustsson from TM Software who demoed the Tempo Plugin and fielded questions about their latest release. See the webinar now: For past

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Video: ConfluenceFx – Confluence to Your Desktop

Yesterday I held a webinar with Kap IT on the ConfluenceFx plugin. ConfluenceFx is the first enterprise solution that brings Confluence to your desktop. It enables your teams to collaborate more effectively and keeps all your community up-to-date thanks to its real-time notifications and collaborative user interactions. A vibrant Q&A session goes to show that people are really interested in this product. It was an excellent demo which shows the perspective of an end user, as well as an admin

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Video: Content Import Plugin for Confluence

This week we held a webinar with Tino Winkler of Communardo. Based out of Germany, Tino went over the Content Import Plugin for Confluence. This is a great webinar to watch if you have a legacy system that you want to exctract the data from and migrate to Confluence. The Content Import Plugin faciliates imports of any type of content into Confluence. The data has to be provided in a transfer format (XML notation of Confluence data structures). The format supports nearly all of the Confluence content

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