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Video: Project Zeus, the Contegix Cloud Computing Offering

This morning we held a webinar with our partner and friend, Matthew Porter, of Contegix. Matthew went over their enterprise cloud computing service called Zeus. Zeus is based on VMWare's powerful ESX hypervisors, with a custom API built on top. Contegix will be offering not only unmanaged utility VMs, but fully managed virtual machines as well. Furthermore, with true load balancing and persistent storage built right in, Zeus brings cloud computing to an Enterprise level. Please watch the video here: For

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You Can Do That! Part 3 of 3

Finally, unlike traditional wiki software, Confluence gives you the tools to create an identity in the workplace and form networks with coworkers. Confluence's personal pages let you see who you are working with and learn about their interests on the job and what they do in their free time. This fosters stronger communities and can help team members collaborate more effectively as they get to know each other. This last video quickly illustrates some of the ways you can customize your personal page.

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You Can Do That! Part 2 of 3

Another cool thing about Confluence is its extendability through third-party plugins. Confluence is open to the developer community allowing anyone to build applications on top of the basic platform. Now Confluence has the Plugin Exchange to help developers connect to customers who might find their code useful. The site provides a range of free and paid plugins in one location where customers can evaluate each plugin and check for updates. Here is another video that features some of the plugins available

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Video: zAgile Teamwork with Sanjiva the founder

Thanks to all at zAgile and Sanjiva, the founder, for today's excellent Plugin of the Month webinar. Sanjiva discussed zAgile Teamwork which enables your software engineering teams to maximize productivity and minimize time to delivery. zAgile Teamwork delivers easy, affordable agile requirements and test case management right inside Confluence, and it integrates those with project, task, and defect management inside JIRA. This webinar concluded with an excellent Q&A session. Watch the video

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Video: Rocking CustomWare Plugins

Today we held a webinar with Stafford Vaughan of CustomWare on a number of their plugins: SharePoint Connector for JIRA plugin - view, monitor, or access JIRA issues, projects, and filters direct from within SharePoint. plugins - Integrate your work processes with JIRA and Confluence. Vault plugin - used to encrypt and store data securely in Confluence, using PGP. CustomWare was a 2009 Summit Sponsor, and we thank them for their help! Watch the video: For

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