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3 Ways To Make Your Meetings Count With Confluence

Holding effective meetings is just plain hard, which unfortunately prevents most meetings from accomplishing anything. This leaves most people with schedules full of meetings that could have been avoided. Meetings with no agenda. Meetings that are jam-packed with irrelevant tangents. Meetings with no actionable deliverables to follow up on afterwards. If this sounds familiar, then your team may be suffering from Reckless Meeting Disorder (RMD), a classic symptom of Collaborative Dysfunction

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3 Ways To Reduce Email With Confluence

If you had to apply a Facebook relationship status to your email inbox, it would probably be 'It's Complicated'. While email has become the lifeblood of most organizations, when it comes to team collaboration, email also plays the villain. Over-reliance on email to communicate and collaborate with your team, also known as Disruptive Email Flatulence (DEF) is a classic symptom of Collaborative Dysfunction (CD). CD effects millions of teams worldwide, most of whom don't even know they have it. SYMPTOM: Disruptive

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