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Archives for the tag: bug tracking

JIRA featured cloud-based application for bug tracking

This killer infographic recently popped up seeking to identify the best cloud-based applications to help your business grow. Guess who is featured for bug tracking? Well it's JIRA, of course. In recognition of the constant innovation that’s helping small businesses perform at their best, we have compiled a selection of some of the best free and paid-for cloud-based applications available. We're in good company with the likes of  New Relic, the Atlas Sponsor for Summit 2012, and many others.

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JIRA Mobile Connect 1.0 – Building better mobile apps

Just in time for Apple's release of iOS 5, I'm proud to announce the official release of JIRA Mobile Connect for iOS. If you are developing mobile applications, JIRA Mobile Connect is a must for collecting valuable feedback and making your apps better. If you are not familiar with JMC you probably have a few questions, so I thought I'd do my best to answer them.. What is JIRA Mobile Connect? JIRA Mobile Connect is an free, open-source library for collecting feedback and engaging with your

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Game Developers Conference 2010: It’s on like Donkey Kong

This year Atlassian will be making our first ever appearance at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. And as you probably know by now, Steve Wiebe will be at our booth playing Donkey Kong and trying to regain his world record. So, you may be wondering, why GDC 2010?

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JIRA 4.0 Beta 2 is now available

After launching our first beta of JIRA 4.0 at Atlassian Summit last month, have had already hundreds people download the beta and provide us tons of great feedback. This week, we released JIRA 4.0 Beta 2 which is the second major milestone release leading up to JIRA 4.0. This release contains over 250 fixes and improvements including activity streams, dashboard gadgets, advanced searching with JQL, and a sexy new header and project browser.

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JIRA makes easy things easy, and hard things possible…

according to Joshua Mostafa who wrote a blog on Bug tracking software: no contest a few weeks ago. Here's a quick snippet of his blog: Unless there is some amazing open source system I have not heard about, there is nothing that meets the criteria of being full-featured, intuitive and staying out of your hair. You don't want to spend time learning how to use such a system, you just want to get on with development and use it when you need to. Jira is the only system that meets these criteria, IMHO.

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Cenqua and JIRA

While visiting our Sydney office this week, I had some time to grab a coffee with with Pete Moore, one of the founders of Cenqua, and Bruce, his terrier (who spent his time charming everyone that walked past us in the café). We chatted about how Cenqua's development team use JIRA for tracking software issues. "JIRA's UI is a whole lot better than what you find out there with other bug trackers, it seems like the JIRA team put more than cursory thought into how issue tracking should work." Pete said

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