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I heart JIRA

"I am so missing JIRA, the issue management tool I implimented and championed...Haven't found another tool that works better yet for change management." It's always nice to be told this, so thanks for the friendly blog rant, Rach. Just for the record, JIRA hearts you, too, and hopes you find your way back.

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Shamelessly Ripped from the Crew at Atlassian

Sorry, the blog title is misleading... nothing too shameful about this. Jeremey had worked at Atlassian not too long ago and he's borrowed some of the development practices at Atlassian for his current project: Connoisseur, an app that makes "managing your recipes as easy as iTunes makes managing your music." From his blog entry, Anatomy of a Connoisseur release: I find that putting reported bugs into JIRA useful, as you then have a paper trail and details of the issue. When it's time to work on

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Atlass(t)ian! Why I luv’em.

Atlassian has kept its distance from traditional corporate public relations, we don't have a PR agency, we don't do a lot of self promotion. Still, it's great when a writer comes along and wants to write a story about the company. A terrific write up here from Susan Scrupski at ITSinsider about Atlassian. The article centers around Atlassian's tremendous growth — "... half of the Fortune 100 were using an Atlassian product. That got my attention." — over the past four years. The article's

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Confluence installed for AppFuse 2.0 Documentation

From a Raible Designs blog about documentation: The last item on the AppFuse Roadmap for 2.0 M1 is setting up the documentation system. I'm still undecided on whether Confluence or DocBook is a better system to use. However, I am certain that using a wiki to document an open source project is the lowest barrier to entry. Of course, we use Confluence ourselves for documentation, but a quick search on Google will show other projects that also use Confluence for documentation. Let us know what you

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Social Software and Libraries

An extensive and well-written overview of wikis can be found on this blog Group Presentation: Wikis. Here's an excerpt mentioning Confluence, but the rest of the article is worth a read-through as it covers many topics related to wikis in a tone that's easy to understand. Some things to consider when choosing a locally installed wiki: Ease of installation Ability to customize skins/templates available Programming language with which it’s developed (PHP, Perl, etc) Data storage system it uses

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Order Page Optimisations

Yesterday I came across a discussion spotlighting Atlassian's pricing and order forms. Mike spoke about transparency and pricing on Robert Scoble's ScobleShow CEO Talk and that got people chatting. At Atlassian, we don't have a 'sales' team. The most efficient way to order our products is online. When you order, instead of checking a box from a pre-existing list or adding to a cart, you select the appropriate product from a drop-down menu on our order form. Separately, there's a simple yet complete

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