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5 Steps to launching a thriving Q&A Community

This article is for people wanting to deploy an internal question and answer community for employee knowledge sharing. Enterprise Q&A communities are growing in popularity as companies are replacing forums, bulletin boards, and mailing lists with a more natural question and answer format popularized by sites like Quora and Stack Overflow. Imagine having a self-governing community of engaged employees answering each others' questions, solving problems, and sharing new ideas! Launching

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3 steps to ease external collaboration tension

Information is power. When everyone's priorities are clear, we can make better decisions for our project and the organization as a whole.  Once upon an time at an old job, I needed a considerable amount of the IT group's time to help me get a new CRM server up and running for my project. I often got the answer: "Wait." but I never knew why. Deadlines were looming, and it was becoming hard to explain to my stakeholders why things were delayed. I didn't know what priorities were trumping me, or if

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8 steps to JIRA field greatness

Now Available: This content is available as a presentation on SlideShare! Now that I've been at Atlassian for almost a year I'm truly in awe of how many different kinds of organizations use JIRA to help teams of people deliver their visions. While the specifics of each implementation differ, each customer uses JIRA to track information so that everyone in the team can stay on the same page.  Let's learn how to present and organize information in JIRA so we can optimize how the team uses information. Defining

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Atlassian new hires help students rise

We launched our New Hire Foundation Day - and it was awesome! Earlier this year, the Atlassian Foundation awarded four grants to San Francisco Bay Area non-profits transforming the lives of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Students Rising Above is one of the four grant recipients we believe best supports the Atlassian Foundation vision of giving youth of the world access to a world-class education to break the poverty cycle. The Students Rising Above mission "Students Rising Above invests

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Reason #17 for working at Atlassian: Friends & Family Day

For one night only North Sydney Oval, turned from cricket ground to Atlassian Fairground folly and Twilight Cinema. Our closest friends and family held the V.I.P passes, opening the gates to a free carnival of inflatable rides and giant lawn games. The adults ruled the Charlie cornhole, while the kids owned the dinosaur slide and kicked-ass at Giant Jenga. In between the fun and games, our personal Mr Whippy van made sure all the kids (and kids at heart) had enough ice-cream to

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Hello Answers, goodbye Forums

It's been nearly 18 months since we launched Atlassian Answers – our community-curated Q&A site that aims to get users helping users with product questions. Ten-thousand users later, the site exploded faster out of the gate than Usain Bolt at the 2012 Olympics. The Rise of Answers Within the first 90 days of the launch of Atlassian Answers, our content numbers would be the envy of any community manager: 1485 questions, 2269 answers, and 1398 comments. Insert happy emoticon here, ie, it

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