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Archives for the tag: CSS

What happens when you add a shiny new browser to a stack of already-disagreeing citizens?  You'll inevitably find some bugs.  This is the story of how we found a rendering quirk and how the Atlassian frontend team found and refined the fix. The Problem The Atlassian User Interface (AUI) library has just finished an IE10 sprint to get our library prepped and ready for the newest member of the browser family.  While IE10 seems generally quite good, we found a couple of problems due to IE10

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Stash’s Pseudo Line Numbers

Stash is Atlassian's Git repository management tool, and one useful feature is to view your source code and diffs right inside your web browser. In Stash 1.0, we built the source and diff views with a column-based layout, where the line numbers were contained in a div of their own, and the source or diff in another adjacent div and the two sides are synced up using careful use of CSS line-height and padding. This was so we could do things like the having the Blame column

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