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Your 2013 Continuous Delivery Resolution Just Got Easier

This is a guest post by Krishnan Badrinarayanan - product marketing manager for LiveRebel. A Java geek turned product marketer, Krishnan is well versed with issues that plague IT teams and is passionate about applying technology to solve their challenges. As a SaaS vendor, provider of online apps, or online retailer you already understand how important, although challenging, it is to meet constantly evolving user needs, and offer around-the-clock, worldwide availability. This especially holds true

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 9:00 am - Ahh, release day. You've run your test suite with each commit, and a green build has soaked on Staging for two days. Your application relies on a 3rd-party system to process credit card transactions - a critical dependency for your revenue stream. Your team didn't make any changes during soak time, but you don't know whether your credit card processing provider did. Worried? Nah, not you. You use multiple build triggers to run your tests with each commit, as well as nightly. So

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