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Git team workflows: merge or rebase?

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The question is simple: In a software team using git and feature branching, what's the best way to incorporate finished work back to your main line of development? It's one of those recurring debates where both sides have strong opinions, and mindful conversation can sometimes be hard (for other examples of heated debate see: The Internet). Should you adopt a rebase policy where the repository history is kept flat and clean? Or a merge policy, which gives you traceability at the expense of readability

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Meet FishEye and Crucible 3.0, a massive upgrade to our code search, visualization and review tools that will help development teams work faster, every day. This release provides developers with more powerful ways to track changes across all their code repositories, share knowledge, and accelerate collaboration cycles. Developers will find it easier to perform pre-commit reviews and benefit from huge indexing performance gains – especially for Subversion repositories. Come and meet the new FishEye

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JIRA 5.2 sneak peek: Experiment with Change

Even Goldilocks had to try a few options before finding something that was juuuust right. You need to experiment too: adding and removing workflows in JIRA to get your setup just right. With JIRA 5.2, it's easy to add, remove and swap workflows to find the perfect set for your project. Check it out: Play Experiment with Change There are endless possibilities when it comes to setting up workflows. Here are some examples of popular tweaks you can make to get the workflow for each issue type

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Stash 1.3: Enterprise Git Gets Social with Pull Requests

The remote control. Napster. The Smartphone. The plastic bits at the ends of shoelaces. All incredible technologies that made what came before both instantly antiquated and forgettable. A technology shift, even a subtle one, can entirely transform an industry. It happened in software development 10 years ago with agile - a once in a decade change to how teams build and ship software - and it's happening again, now, with distributed version control systems (DVCS) like Git. Git introduces completely

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