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Branch-based deployments – new in Bamboo 5.2

Shipping a new feature always brings a mixture of emotions, no matter your role in getting it out the door. The sense of accomplishment is sweet, albeit tempered by the knowledge that there are so many cool things that aren't shipping in this iteration... but you also get that spike of anticipatory excitement when you think of shipping those cool things in future iterations. The whole thing is like chipotle-spiced dark chocolate with PopRocks (this actually exists, and should be its own food group). So

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Open Dojo #5 – Is DevOps the end of QA?

Thursday October 24th, 9am Pacific We all know that the DevOps approach brings developers and operators into closer collaboration. We also know about the emphasis on automation - especially around testing. Do these factors combine to spell the end of the QA department? Is there a place for QA specialists in a DevOps world, and if so, what is it? Join us for a discussion about the challenges QA'ers face in this brave new era, and how teams are making it work. Our esteemed panelists will

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Alerts, anomalies & automated canaries at DevOps Dojo hangout #4

For our 4th installment of the DevOps Dojo hangouts, we corralled monitoring mavens from Atlassian, LogicMonitor, Netflix, and Metafor for an hour-long geek-out that got quite animated! Did you know, for example, that the very notion of distinguishing application monitoring from infrastructure monitoring is controversial? I did not. Or ever thought about the effects of human bias when looking for anomalies in monitoring data? Personally, it never crossed my mind. There's lots for your brian

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Want more DevOps? Come to Open Dojo #4!

Thursday Sept 19th at 9am PST For our fourth Open Dojo event, we're gathering infrastructure gurus to talk about monitoring and stability. Not just the mechanics (tho they're certainly prepared to field those "how-to" questions!), but also how infrastructure stewardship benefits when devs, ops, qa, and "the business" come together on it. Our esteemed panel includes: - Roy Rappaport, Netflix - Mark Breitung, Atlassian - Sean Rouseau, Metaphor Software - Jeff Behl, Logic Monitor As always,

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Developers, help your team go from Bad to Badass

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Developers, want your team to go from bad to badass? Want to learn workflows, tools and processes that your team can use to work better together and deploy software faster? Then plan your trip to San Francisco, October 1-3, for Atlassian Summit 2013! Industry leaders from organizations like Turner Broadcasting, Orbitz, and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will share the stage with Atlassian executives, developers and other specialists to discuss the latest on Git, Agile Delivery, CI and DevOps.

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RebelLabs cooks up a continuous delivery pipeline with Bamboo

The mad-scientists-turned-provocateurs over at RebelLabs have released yet another stellar (and entertaining) report for software makers, Release Management for Enterprises. I find this exciting enough to blog about for two reasons: First, their take on what DevOps means for both individuals and the larger organization, as well as how the two disciplines drifted apart in the first place, is spot on. It's not about $1M tools or forming a separate team (though I do like their idea of forming a

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