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Archives for the tag: Distributed Agile Software Development

Stash 2.0 – Powered by Git. Controlled by You.

Stash is now called Bitbucket Server. Read our announcement blog. Interested in the latest Stash release? Check out What’s New » Chocolate rain, rage face, double rainbow. Great memes spread like wildfire. One minute you're unaware, the next you're singing some Korean song you barely understand and dancing like a horse. DVCS (distributed version control) is by no means a meme (it's definitely not going away), but it's spreading with the same effect. Git's flexibility is one of its

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Join us on Wednesday, February 27 at 11 am PT, for the second free webinar hosted by GlobalLogic, an Atlassian partner, to discuss Agile development best practices. The webinar "Distributed Agile Software Development Best Practices" from Atlassian and GlobalLogic focuses on adopting Agile methods for distributed software development and the collaboration challenges with your geographically distributed software development teams. Speaking at this free webinar are Johnny Scarborough, GlobalLogic AVP

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