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Atlassian Experts present: JIRA Service Desk in Europe

We've partnered with Atlassian Experts to host an 8-city tour in November across Europe to introduce JIRA Service Desk. Learn about our newest product that can be used by IT teams to implement powerful customer portals, SLA's, and real-time reporting. Each city will feature presentations by Atlassian Expert partners, customers, and Atlassians. You will see product and customer demonstrations, discover a roadmap of what is to come, and get your questions answered. The full schedule is listed

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Atlassian Experts are going on tour in France

Atlassian in France is on a roll! Our business has grown more than 100% in the last two years. We have a partner ecosystem growing at an even faster rate. We now want to better support our existing customers while growing a larger French community. Our goal is to triple the current number of Expert partners from 5 to 15, and triple the number of Experts staff from 50 to 150.  How do we plan to accomplish this? In true Atlassian style, of course! One of our own is coming to you by visiting 7

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The ExpertFinder: Winner of San Francisco ShipIt Day

Last week Atlassian held it's 23rd ShipIt Day event. Each quarter, staff are encouraged to participate in ShipIt Day by spending 24-hours hacking a project from start to finish. Participants must present their projects immediately following ShipIt Day and staff get to vote on their favorite; the winner gets serious bragging rights and a fancy trophy for their desk. This year's participants included a new 404 page design for Bitbucket, a gamification project for JIRA, and even a new PaaS service

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Clearvision guides Enterprises to effective DVCS adoption

In the UK many enterprises involved in software development are realising the competitive advantage of moving to a distributed version control system (DVCS).  DVCS is now forming a vital role in their strategy towards continuous delivery.  This advantage is gained not just in switching tool sets but by adapting to a more collaborative approach to development and fully understanding the opportunities this technology enables. DVCS enhances the way development teams interact, enabling greater

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(Guest Blog) Controlled Issue Cloning with JIRAClones

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This is a guest blog post from Clearvision, a sponsor at Atlassian Summit 2012. We can't clone sheep but we are pretty damn good at cloning issues! Clearvision are the leading Atlassian Platinum Experts in Europe, on a mission to help companies across the globe build better software. At Clearvision we have an arsenal of trigger-happy developers ready and raring to battle your software development demons. Bugs Bugs Bugs Do you find that bugs often need fixing in multiple versions of the

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In September I headed out to Austin for the fourth meeting of the Austin Atlassian User Group. My mission was clear: answer questions, present hot topics and learn how our tools are being used. The air was hot, coffee was strong and folks were extra friendly. The Value of a Small Group The Austin group was just recently formed and has a small crowd, which allowed us to speak openly and intimately with each other. The size of the group enabled us to individually share experiences with Atlassian

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