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Hello Answers, goodbye Forums

It's been nearly 18 months since we launched Atlassian Answers – our community-curated Q&A site that aims to get users helping users with product questions. Ten-thousand users later, the site exploded faster out of the gate than Usain Bolt at the 2012 Olympics. The Rise of Answers Within the first 90 days of the launch of Atlassian Answers, our content numbers would be the envy of any community manager: 1485 questions, 2269 answers, and 1398 comments. Insert happy emoticon here, ie, it

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Gamifying Stash with Badgr – Commit, Code, Achieve

This is a guest blog by Stefan Kohler, creator of Badgr, an add-on that makes Stash more fun by introducing achievements and badges for commits. Badgr won the award for "Best Stash Add-on" in Codegeist 2012, Atlassian's annual plugin development competition. Imagine me sitting behind my laptop, rainy weather, not having the best day. Then Codegeist is announced. Yay! Codegeist is my opportunity to act on ideas I have for Atlassian products but am not able to take on during regular work hours.

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