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How to use group chat to strengthen company culture

Think about how you communicate with the people on your team and in your company. In today's offices, with distributed teams across the globe, we often don't have the luxury of just walking up and saying, Yo. This inevitable lack of face time (to say nothing about the missed opportunities to practice your Rocky Balboa voice) leads to more impersonal forms of communication, like email. And over time, a disconnected feeling grows and it affects culture. So, if you can't be together, you've got to replace that feeling of being together. A great way to do this is with group chat, because it encourages communication. And company culture is rooted in the ways teammates and coworkers communicate.

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Why I nuked my old group chat clients

This story ends with me deleting Adium from my laptop, removing Skype's "open at login" setting, and turning off Gmail chat on my work account. I just don't need them anymore. HipChat has taken their place–both in my workday and in my heart. In case you missed it... ...HipChat is now free for all teams, no matter how big. Yet loads of Atlassian customers are still messing around with group chat and communication clients. So many people missing out on so much awesome. Free awesome, even! As

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Supercharges Collaboration with Private Instant Messaging for Teams of All Sizes SAN FRANCISCO & SYDNEY, March 7 2012 – Atlassian, the leading provider of collaboration software for product teams, today announced it has acquired San Francisco-based HipChat, a hosted private chat service for companies and teams. HipChat has more than 1,200 customers including Groupon, HubSpot and WIRED.  Atlassian will incorporate HipChat into its growing portfolio of software that helps teams at more

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