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Y U NO have more emoticons? Bid now!

If you're reading this, you likely use and love HipChat. Sure, we let you communicate in real time with team members all over the world, but HipChat does more than that. Our emoticons allow you to connect and bond with your team members by conveying tone (in our case, it's usually sarcasm) that would be missing from text alone. HubSpot listed our universal emoticons in the post Easter Eggs: 13 of the Internet’s Best Hidden Gems HipChat natively supports over 150 universal emoticons. However,

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News for Mac and iOS users. Big news.

Earlier this year we made a commitment to build native desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Secretly, we also wanted to build better native mobile apps. Today, we’re proud to announce HipChat for Mac 2.0 AND HipChat for iOS 2.0. They’re leaner, faster, and, most importantly – they’re native.

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“Wooster Bot, What’s for Lunch Today?”

A few weeks ago, a couple videographers and I flew out to Boston to check out HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company, and one of HipChat’s earliest (read: pre-Atlassian-acquisition) customers. To put that into context, HubSpot began using HipChat when it looked more like this. Walking into HubSpot for the first time, we felt at home. Oddly. Atlassian and Hubspot have little in common -- they make marketing analytics tools, we make development tools -- and we’re located on opposite

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