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Make HipChat Your Team’s Command Center

Our customers love HipChat because it's so easy to extend. HipChat connects to over 45 tools that your company uses every day. Here are 5 ways to make HipChat your team's command center and stay on top of everything your team needs to know about. 1. Connect to JIRA and Pivotal Tracker Every company has projects they need to manage. Keeping up with the issues your team needs to address for these projects is a breeze with HipChat. Integrate with project management tools like Atlassian JIRA or Pivotal

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They say you never forget your first. And if you can look back with fondness, so much the better.  I certainly remember mine - his name was Jenkins. We had some great times together. Me and Jenkins and the rest of the team building every commit, automating tests... Ahh, memories. (What did you think I was talking about? Dirty bird...) Jenkins is great. With its $0 price point, Jenkins has helped spread the gospel of continuous integration far n' wide. And CI is freeing us from the shackles

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Linking Bitbucket with the JIRA issue tracker

The Bitbucket team has been working hard to bring distributed version control (DVCS) capabilities to Atlassian's JIRA to help complete your development suite. In February, we released the JIRA DVCS Connector; this nifty plugin allowed you to jump to your Bitbucket or GitHub repositories straight from the JIRA Commits tab. Today, we are introducing Bitbucket Links. With Bitbucket Links, you can use issue keys to link to JIRA or other development tools you use straight from Bitbucket. The

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