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Archives for the tag: jira 5.2

JIRA 5.2: in case you missed it

People love the re-imagined search experience in JIRA 5.2. The awesome power of JIRA lies in its flexibility, and harnessing that power can be a daunting task, so let's take a look at some of the other things our hard-working development team shipped in JIRA 5.2 to make it easier than ever for you to configure, tweak and customize JIRA to your hearts content! Re-order Gadget Columns A while ago we walked through 5 steps to build a killer dashboard, and along the way, we used the Filter Results

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Free JIRA training until 2013!

Until the end of the year, we’re giving everyone the chance to take the 28 JIRA lessons for free. Included are the brand new JIRA 5.2 lessons, so you can get your hands on JIRA's brand new search and filtering functionality. Atlassian University videos and step-by-step interactive tutorials will get your team up to speed on JIRA, fast. You'll learn all the tips and tricks you need to be a JIRA wiz. Jump over to University to give it a spin. To access the free lessons, please sign

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JIRA 5.2 deep dive: prepare for the day ahead

Quick - what did you work on yesterday, and what's at the top of your list for today? If you can't form an intelligent answer until you've finished your first cup of coffee, JIRA's new system filters are here to save your day. Use these new filters to manage your morning: My Open Issues - unresolved issues assigned to you Recently Viewed - your issue view history Reported by Me - issues you've reported The Stand-Up Smile and relax on your morning commute knowing you're ready to

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What are people saying about JIRA 5.2?

It's been just over a week since we released JIRA 5.2, and teams everywhere are unlocking the power of JIRA's search. Not only do new system filters help you prepare for the day ahead, but the new instant search bar makes it faster than ever to find elusive issues. What's the word on the street?   The new #JIRA 5.2 filter page is AWESOME! Now editing filters is a piece of cake ^^ — J.M. Franco (@josemi_fv) November 13, 2012 @jira 5.2 Just created a new search filter, shared it with everyone,

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Instantly Access Your Important JIRA Notifications In Confluence WorkBox

Have you ever convinced yourself that you can't be in two places at once? Well, think again. The latest release of JIRA makes it possible to view and take action on all your important notifications from your project tracker, without leaving Confluence. There's never been a better time to trade your inbox for WorkBox. Switching contexts wastes your time If your company is anything like Atlassian, your development team tracks all their projects and issues in JIRA, and your product and marketing

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3 Reasons Enterprise Admins Love JIRA 5.2

The release of JIRA 5.2 has already generated a ton of great feedback about the new JIRA search experience and we're excited to see lot's of customers wasting little time upgrading their JIRA instance to the latest and greatest. While the JIRA 5.2 headline features of search, webhooks and workflow improvements are compelling for all JIRA users, there are three big reasons why administrators of our larger Enterprise deployments are going to

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