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JIRA Tip of the Month: How to Receive Notifications in HipChat

The Tip of the Month, brought to you by Atlassian University, is a monthly series to help master Atlassian tools. Products are more fun to use when you know all the tricks. Here at Atlassian, we live in HipChat, the fastest way to communicate with everyone on your team. The brutal truth is, many of us will respond to an instant message before a new email. When it comes to maximizing work productivity, it's no secret that we're not big fans of email. If you prefer JIRA notifications via

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Marketplace Monday: Documents for JIRA

Documents for JIRA by StonikByte lets you manage files in JIRA on a project level and store them on your JIRA server. With file storage options like company file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, cloud storage services, and the file graveyard known as the "email inbox," why store files in JIRA? Well, if you attach files to your JIRA issues, you already do. Frequently, a particular file might relate to multiple issues or an entire project–Documents for JIRA helps you share these files in the context

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