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Evaluating JIRA Agile – Team members

Agile paints software development in a modern light. The single best thing about agile is that it engages the team in the entire planning development process: Decisions are no longer made in a vacuum away from the team, and software development becomes a collaborative and democratic endeavor to deliver working products to an evolving market. Plan Mode – See the future clearly Every day, engineers have to make decisions that impact the future of the product. In many teams, a product owner's

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Evaluating JIRA Agile – Scrum masters

This is the second part of our blog series on how JIRA Agile optimizes the key players in an agile team (see also: product owners and the team). Agile methodology brings about a whole new way for managing projects – It focuses on iterative development where the product team can release to market in predictable iterations. Scrum masters sit between a product's ideation and delivery, and partner with the development team to ensure things are running smoothly, and there are no blocking issues

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Evaluating JIRA Agile – Product owners

Making the transition from traditional project management to agile involves changing the way the team views and prioritizes work. This change can be made easier with tools that provide gentle guidance when learning the fundamental tenets of agile. This will be a series of posts walking through each of the major personas on an agile team: product owners, scrum masters, and team members. Product owners – Product visionaries Product owners are the visionaries for the product. They work with

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Yesterday, two of our very own Atlassian Confluence product managers, Sherif Mansour and John Masson, hosted a live webinar where they shared agile best practices that they've learned over the years, including: When to write product requirements documents and when to seek alternatives How to write effective product requirements documents How to build prototypes when designing new features Using JIRA and Confluence for product management You were clearly eager to learn We reached GoToWebinar's

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Win prizes for organizing JIRA issues with Structure

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This is a guest post from ALM Works, makers of the Structure add-on for JIRA. ALM Works is thrilled to announce a new coding contest for developers to extend and integrate with Structure, our best-selling issue organization add-on for JIRA. If you’re a developer who uses Structure – or a Structure user with access to a friendly developer – this is an awesome opportunity to show off your skills and ingenuity, earn kudos, and be recognized as an accomplished Structure expert. As if that wasn't

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