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Car accident? JIRA to the rescue!

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This is a guest blog from Kepler-Rominfo, makers of the JJUPIN scripting add-on for JIRA. What do cars and JIRA have in common? Here in Romania, JIRA has a lot to do with car accidents. Don’t worry, distracted drivers aren't causing pileups while filing JIRA issues from their mobile phones (at least as far as we know). I used to believe that JIRA is only for building software, but this story – which still amazes me – proves that JIRA can power the most unlikely of workflows. The issue Years

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3 steps to ease external collaboration tension

Information is power. When everyone's priorities are clear, we can make better decisions for our project and the organization as a whole.  Once upon an time at an old job, I needed a considerable amount of the IT group's time to help me get a new CRM server up and running for my project. I often got the answer: "Wait." but I never knew why. Deadlines were looming, and it was becoming hard to explain to my stakeholders why things were delayed. I didn't know what priorities were trumping me, or if

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HowTo: Capacity planning with JIRA

For many teams becoming agile is a journey, not a point-in-time transition. While many teams share similarities, each team is unique in its skills and relationships. In this article, I'd like to focus on teams that have different, specialized skill sets; teams that can benefit from capacity planning, which ensures that there is the right amount of work for each person in the iteration. Many of the concepts in this article are for organizations that push work to the team. As teams transition to agile,

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Inside Atlassian – The JIRA QA process

This post is part of a series of blogs on Atlassian QA. We will cover how the QA strategy has been implemented in different teams, the tools and techniques we use, and the personal experiences from members of the team. The JIRA engineering team is large, consisting of 78 developers and team leads, 10 product managers, six UI designers, and three technical writers. To assist this vast crowd with quality, we have a team of only six QA engineers. In Introducing Atlassian QA, we described the overall

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How we manage Atlassian blogging with JIRA Agile

Atlassian has a very prolific blogging schedule, which includes 12 different blog categories with unique owners, and dozens of authors scattered throughout the company. Today we'll take a look at how the content manager uses JIRA and JIRA Agile to stay on top of everything. Keeping pace with the blogging schedule is all about flow. The content team has a few key goals when releasing content to Atlassian Blogs: Keep a steady flow of content rolling out to the readers Ensure each blog gets

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Case study: Why did Santa go JIRA Service Desk?

Based in the North Pole, Santa Claus Ltd. (SCL) is the leading provider of consumer goods on the world's second-most celebrated holiday, Christmas. SCL delivers presents to every child in the world between the hours of 9pm on Christmas Eve and 5am Christmas morning, in 24 time zones. Santa Claus Ltd. Headquartered: The North Pole  Founded: 1,000+ years Case study   Santa Claus Ltd. is world renowned for its reliable roof-to-door delivery services. Each year, SCL manufactures,

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