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HipChat’s terms of service are changing

UPDATE: We can see from the feedback we've gotten that we need to clarify exactly what is changing with the new Terms. There is confusion around the last item, 1-to-1 chat history. First, let us clarify that there is no way for an admin to access 1-to-1 chat history through HipChat itself. In the past, our terms prevented us from releasing any 1-to-1 chat transcripts to our customers, regardless of the reason, without a subpoena. This caused a great deal of trouble for companies who use

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Two Wiki Case Studies: Pharmaceutical and Law

A few weeks, I came across this in-depth case study about the use of Confluence as an intranet at Janssen-Cilag, a pharmaceutical company. There was a lot of talk within Atlassian about this article, so much in fact that I was sure I must have blogged about it here. But a few quick searches today and I realized that I had omitted writing anything about it! Time to make up for that omission: Our Intranet, the Wiki: Case Study of a Wiki changing an Enterprise was published as a blog post by Nathan

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