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News for Mac and iOS users. Big news.

Earlier this year we made a commitment to build native desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Secretly, we also wanted to build better native mobile apps. Today, we’re proud to announce HipChat for Mac 2.0 AND HipChat for iOS 2.0. They’re leaner, faster, and, most importantly – they’re native.

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Update 22 Feb 2012: Apple have now extended the deadline to June 1st. Hopefully they’re realising the difficulties they’re creating for developers and will address some of the remaining concerns in this time. On March 1st, Apple will change the rules of the Mac App Store to require all applications to run inside of a 'sandbox'. Unfortunately, this will disallow important SourceTree functionality that was previously acceptable under store rules. Complying with the sandboxing rules would

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SourceTree 1.3 Release Blog – Welcome to the Party!

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We peeled back the covers on SourceTree - Atlassian's Mac Client for Git and Mercurial distributed version control systems, and we are announcing a fresh new logo, a redesigned website, and a new set of useful features to support your DVCS workflow. Plus, SourceTree is now FREE for all users, forever. What's New in SourceTree 1.3? Submodule & Subrepository Support Feel free to use Git submodules or Hg subrepositories with your projects - SourceTree now supports both. Submodules and

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