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Stash 2.1: Pull Requests, Issues, Builds – Integrated

Pull requests – now at the heart of the code discussion. Ever since we introduced pull requests in Stash 1.3, and added branch permissions in 2.0 that let you restrict who can merge pull requests, we've been dreaming up ways to make pull requests even more valuable for developers. With today’s release of Stash 2.1, we’ve added a slew of new features that truly power collaborative development. Stash 2.1 simplifies your Git development workflow by providing more contextual awareness of key

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Interested in the latest Stash release? Check out What’s New » Developers at big companies have aspirations similar to those at small, nimble start-ups. Plain and simple, they want to be able to 'get in the zone' and drive faster code velocity for both themselves and their teammates. For many, Git is the solution they've been searching for. And it's not just perception - Git helps more developers today get into that state than ever before. Yet enterprises have been hesitant about making

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Stash 2.0 – Powered by Git. Controlled by You.

Interested in the latest Stash release? Check out What’s New » Chocolate rain, rage face, double rainbow. Great memes spread like wildfire. One minute you're unaware, the next you're singing some Korean song you barely understand and dancing like a horse. DVCS (distributed source control) is by no means a meme (it's definitely not going away), but it's spreading with the same effect. Git's flexibility is one of its greatest strengths and one of the main reasons it's hotter than Gangnam

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Stash: pull requests from the command line

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Are you using Stash and getting tired of pushing your changes and navigating to Stash's web UI simply to create a pull request? Wish you could do all of this through one simple git command? Wait no more! Introducing the Stash Command Line Tools! Why? Context switching impacts development speeds. I often feel this as I want to throw some code up for review, but don't need the hassle of launching a browser window to open Stash to execute a menial task which can be easily automated. Installation This

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