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Today we are pleased to announce the latest release of FishEye and Crucible. FishEye and Crucible give agile teams a powerful way to browse, search, share and review source code. Tight integration with the JIRA issue tracker gives teams traceability between issues, stories and source, regardless of your source code management system(s) – Git, Subversion, CVS, Mercurial or Perforce. FishEye 2.9 and Crucible 2.9 have improved integration with JIRA, enabling development teams to move faster and

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Reviewing code on any hosting service with Crucible

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Note: This post concerns the Download edition of Crucible. When your development team reaches a certain size it can become hard to have a clean code review process. Remote developers can't pair, you have more and more changesets filling in the review queue and more people involved in reviews. You need a way to streamline that process and keep track of all the changes that need to be looked at. Crucible solves these issues by offering a way to peer review code asynchronously - identify people

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Confluence vs. Basecamp

Comparing Confluence with Basecamp is interesting because, as the blogger points out, while the two product's features overlap somewhat, they really serve two different needs. MediaWiki and Twiki are also mentioned in this review that can be found on Code Intensity: Confluence is a superb wiki! I've used several other wikis over the last year or two (we use twiki heavily as well, and I've tried a half dozen others). Confluence takes it up a notch. It feels polished and professional, and it's been

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