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Case study: Why did Santa go JIRA Service Desk?

Based in the North Pole, Santa Claus Ltd. (SCL) is the leading provider of consumer goods on the world's second-most celebrated holiday, Christmas. SCL delivers presents to every child in the world between the hours of 9pm on Christmas Eve and 5am Christmas morning, in 24 time zones. Santa Claus Ltd. Headquartered: The North Pole  Founded: 1,000+ years Case study   Santa Claus Ltd. is world renowned for its reliable roof-to-door delivery services. Each year, SCL manufactures,

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Insight into JIRA Service Desk’s pricing model

Since JIRA Service Desk launched just over a month ago, we've heard a lot of feedback from our customers, and we want to thank everyone who spoke up! Generally the reception has been fantastic; many customers are actively using JIRA Service Desk and loving it. We’ve also received a lot of negative feedback regarding our user-based pricing model for JIRA Service Desk.  We are sorry that some customers have experienced frustration over pricing and we apologize for our slow response to that

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Introducing JIRA Service Desk 1.1

Our latest release is here! JIRA Service Desk 1.1 brings you SLA calendars Request groups Multilingual support SLA calendars You asked, we listened. Over 100 people voted up on JSD-16, a request to provide working calendars in JIRA Service Desk. We're pleased to announce that as of today, we've officially added calendars to our already powerful Service Level Agreement (SLA). Even your crazy-busy IT team needs to get some sleep. Set your time zone and schedule working hours,

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Atlassian Experts present: JIRA Service Desk in Europe

We've partnered with Atlassian Experts to host an 8-city tour in November across Europe to introduce JIRA Service Desk. Learn about our newest product that can be used by IT teams to implement powerful customer portals, SLA's, and real-time reporting. Each city will feature presentations by Atlassian Expert partners, customers, and Atlassians. You will see product and customer demonstrations, discover a roadmap of what is to come, and get your questions answered. The full schedule is listed

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Inside JIRA Service Desk: the customer portal

A look inside JIRA Service Desk This is part one of a series of blogs taking an inside look at JIRA Service Desk, the newest member of the JIRA family. JIRA Service Desk is a modern and flexible service desk experience that integrates directly with JIRA, our issue management software used by more than 22,000 teams worldwide. For a full product overview, click here.  Part one: the customer portal Asking for help shouldn't be complicated. We designed JIRA Service Desk with a clean customer

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Turn your JIRA Service Desk into a self-service desk

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The Tip of the Month, brought to you by Atlassian University, is a monthly series to help master Atlassian tools. Products are more fun to use when you know all the tricks. Hopefully by now you've gotten your hands on the shiny new JIRA Service Desk and your IT team is flying through internal service requests like never before. Well there's more good news. What if I told you that you could make your IT team's lives even better? You can. Connect your JIRA Service Desk to the knowledge base

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