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The Top 8 Reasons to Come to Summit

Only a handful of tickets remain for Atlassian Summit. Need tips for customizing Confluence, scaling JIRA, or perfecting Agile? With Seven tracks, over 70 speakers, 8 training sessions, you'll be able to tailor the event to meet your specific goals.  Hosted at the beautiful design center in San Francisco it will be the largest Atlassian event ever. A whopping 92.3% of last year's attendees said the 2011 conference did an excellent job of meeting their objectives. We're going for 100% this year! Summit

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Win $10,000 for your charity or non-profit

The Atlassian Do-Gooder Award is back! Open to our Community License holders, the Do-Gooder award is a competition that simply asks: what's your story? The best story-teller, ie, the winner of the competition, will win a $10,000 donation for their non-profit, a free pass to Atlassian Summit to accept the award, a free stay at the event, reimbursement (up to $500) for airfare, and the everlasting admiration of their peers. Past winners include the International Potato Center and Mercy Ships. The

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On Conference Talks

My last few weeks have been consumed by conferences -- hosting, attending, speaking at, and planning for. As a developer I appreciate not only great technical talks, but also great speakers who can deliver them. I've been attending (and sometimes speaking at) tech conferences since the late 90s, but it wasn't until the Web 2.0 days when I really started paying attention and appreciating great talks by great speakers. Unfortunately, most conferences are riddled with boring, uninteresting talks and

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Summit 2012: Schedule a meeting with our product ninjas

There's no better place than Atlassian Summit 2012 to get advice on making the most of the products you're using every day, be the first to test out new products and features, and hear how other teams are using the software. Maybe that's why 92.3% of attendees at Summit 2011 reported that the conference met their objectives. At Summit, there are tons of opportunities to schedule time to sit down with our engineers, product managers, and support staff to learn about the product roadmap, get

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Need to convince your boss to come to Summit?

Need to convince your boss to let you come to Atlassian Summit? Need to convince yourself first? Let's see if we can help. 92.3% A whopping 92.3% of attendees said the 2011 conference did an excellent job of meeting their objectives. We're going for 100% this year! Summit is your one-stop shop for getting the most value out of your Atlassian products. And this year, in addition to product training, release updates, case studies, and demonstrations of the latest/greatest add-ons to the products,

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Summit 2012 agenda is live

The agenda for Atlassian Summit 2012 is now live -- and boy is it a doozy! Over four dozen stellar customer, staff and sponsor presentations are scheduled on the theme of the "Art of the Team." There are dozens of case studies this year from organizations like Constant Contact, MIT, Harvard, Dachis Group, PuppetLabs and way more. In addition to case studies, there will be Atlassian product demos, sneak previews of new products and features, and all the latest add-ons for Atlassian's tools. Special

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