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HipChat 1-to-1 video and screen sharing: Now in beta

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HipChat 1-to-1 video and screen sharing are now available as beta features. Try it out and let us know what you think. Communicating easily is key to any team's success. You already have HipChat open to chat with your team, whenever and wherever you want. Now, with 1-to-1 video and screen sharing on HipChat, you'll no longer need to switch apps or wait for your colleagues to log on in order to talk to them face-to-face. Everything is ready within HipChat. This beta feature is available

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Inside JIRA Service Desk: the customer portal

A look inside JIRA Service Desk This is part one of a series of blogs taking an inside look at JIRA Service Desk, the newest member of the JIRA family. JIRA Service Desk is a modern and flexible service desk experience that integrates directly with JIRA, our issue management software used by more than 22,000 teams worldwide. For a full product overview, click here.  Part one: the customer portal Asking for help shouldn't be complicated. We designed JIRA Service Desk with a clean customer

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JIRA Service Desk: The next big thing from Atlassian

Last week, we introduced JIRA Service Desk – a modern and flexible service desk experience. JIRA Service Desk integrates directly with JIRA, our issue management software used by more than 22,000 teams worldwide. Why did we build Service Desk? Watch the video below to get the behind-the-scenes story from Atlassians themselves, including the JIRA Service Desk team and co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes. Enjoy!  Try JIRA Service Desk today JIRA Service Desk is available now for a

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Ari Heljakka is CSO of Dream Broker, the development lead of ScreenMail, and a former key contributor in OpenCog. You can connect with him on Twitter. In projects where all parties are not continuously communicating, misunderstanding what you are supposed to do can be costly. Even small misinterpretations of a required feature can lead to wrong things being implemented, wasting days or even weeks of work before the error will be found out and corrected (if it will, that is). Fighting the Most Costly

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Watch the Summit 2012 presentations

The curtain has gone down on Atlassian Summit 2012, the dust has settled, and the giant Atlassian logo has been transferred from the conference center to his new home at Atlassian San Francisco. If you were at the event and found yourself torn between which session to see, or if you missed Summit altogether this year, the good news is that many of the presentations are now online. Due to video production errors, some presentations had to be re-recorded after the event – you'll find the

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Performance and Soke

Taking performance to a new level is one of the key goals of Atlassian. To support this we have recently setup a new team, the Performance Engineering Team, to focus on this. Our job is to build tools and provide performance expertise throughout the company. Expect to see a difference in our releases later this year! The primary job of a performance team is to benchmark, profile and measure. Over the years Atlassian has accumulated tests in a number of different load generation frameworks. Each,

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